Portfolio Management Services

Invest in Your Most Preferred Choice and Get it Managed by Professional Money Manager

PMS is typically a investment vehicle that lets you to invest money in several individual securities, including stocks, fixed income, debt, cash and structured products. PMS can be tailored to meet your specific requirements if it is professionally managed by expert money managers.

One of the best benefits of investing in PMS is each investor will own individual securities, which gives them the freedom and flexibility to customise their portfolio as per their financial and personal commitments.

Capital Wizard is one of the leading portfolio managers in India that is powerfully backed by professional financial wizards, having more than 10 years of experience.

Our Portfolio Management Service in India proffers equipped and proficient investment management that aims to deliver consistent returns throughout. Regular views, online tracking options, commendable risk management flexibility and other benefits will relieve you from all financial mismanagements, and instead give high net worth investors an ideal investment platform.

Why Should You Invest in PMS?

1. Individual and dedicated portfolio management as per investment goals.

2. Continuous, strong and fully charged risk management.

3. Monthly reviews and regular portfolio rebalancing.

4. Clients can withhold the ownership as transactions are performed from clients’ demat accounts.

5. Get regular updates on the changing dynamics of equity markets as a result of better relationship with money managers.

6. Gives you freedom and flexibility to switch between liquid funds and equity and debt at any chosen time

Capital Wizard carries in-depth primary and secondary research before presenting anything to client. We promise to deliver only those portfolios that suit your financial risk and investment goals, after evaluating both. We offer transparent dealing with 24*7 web access.

Rest assured, as stocks are selected based on Cash Reserves, Return on Equity, Management Quality and Valuations. And at the end of each year, clients will receive a CA Certified Tax Statement. We also offer partial withdrawal facility and additional purchase options for your convenience.