Mutual Funds

Convenient Way to Invest in Various Types of Stock Schemes

If you are looking for several types of investment schemes with diversified investment options, then you definitely should invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds are extremely beneficial for those investors who do not have the time or expertise to pick the right stock
options. Mutual funds provide different investment portfolios that offer liquidity and transparency.
Capital Wizard Mutual Funds give you the advantage of expert stock management, tax benefits, asset liquidity, lower transaction costs and other technical assistance that make investing easy and secure, at a relatively low cost.

Capital Wizard provides complete and enhanced transaction support, powered by state-of-the-art technology, to clients investing in primary markets via IPOs and Mutual Funds.

Rest assured, We Cater to Several Needs and Profiles – Capital Wizard Offers Personalised Investment Services

Our Key Benefits Include

1. Customisable services for all IPOs and Mutual Funds types, including Equity funds, Growth and Value funds, Bonds, Foreign Stock, Asset Allocation, Sector and Money Market funds.

2. All our finances services are professionally managed by experts

3. Financial solutions are well-regulated, highly researched and regularly upgraded.

4. We provide a disciplined investment approach.

5. Enjoy liquidity, low transaction costs and several tax benefits.

Capital Wizard should be your number one preference for Mutual Funds investment because:

– You can invest in over 8000 schemes with us

– Invest across 30 AMCs

– As per to current records, we have built Mutual Fund AUM of around INR 500 lac

– Capital Wizard has 15000 plus active SIPs

– Several investing options – Lump sum, New Fund Offers (NFOs), Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)

– Tax saving options to help you plan and manage your investments wisely

– Single login across several devices

– Smart portfolio and real-time tracking