Protect Against Risks and Uncertainties

We have to always prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.

Like your life and health, your financial investments and your business also need insurance to cover unforeseen calamities and disasters. You can fall into critical mess anytime, and it may take shape in any form, such as an auto accident, fire, roof leak, break down and any other calamity that can lead to legal actions.

Insurance helps you cope up with the rough times peacefully and calmly, as you know if anything happens to you and your business, you will be financially supported.

Capital Wizard Insurance services help you achieve your long term financial goals, such as retirement planning, child education, tax savings, single premiums and loan security.

Capital Wizard Solutions is a licensed IRDA insurance agent. We offer more than 30 kinds of insurance solutions based on customer prerequisites. Our products cater both life and non-life insurance policies that are not only cost effective but that come with customer-beneficial clauses.

We have a team of insurance advisors who have acute knowledge and experience in the field. When a requirement arises from a client, our expert team first evaluates the need and analyse the risk profile. Once the evaluation is completed, we come up with an insurance package that is cost-effective and which contain integrated features to serve and manage your risks.

We have Tie-ups with Several General and Life Insurance Companies and Offer Different Kinds of Insurance Policies, Including:-

– Term Insurance – Simplest form of Life Insurance

– Endowment Insurance Plan – Coverage that meets special lump-sum expenses, such as education or retirement home

– Unit Link Insurance – Provide coverages while investing in any number of qualified investments, such as stock, bonds, mutual funds etc.

– Liability Insurance – Protect from risks of liabilities levied by law

– Money Back Insurance Plan – Provides life coverage during term policies and great maturity benefits

– Personal Accident Policies – Life and disablement coverages

– General Insurances – Automobile, Health, Travel and Fire Insurance, Worker Compensation and Group Insurance