Derivatives Trading

Speculate and Earn Returns in Shorter Duration

Whether you are a seasoned player or a short-term speculator, derivatives will always prove beneficial for you. In derivatives trading, you can either take positional trade to hedge your portfolios in stock, indices and other investments or take advantage of relevant financial instruments. Derivatives trading are cost-effective where you get exposure to higher investments with low margin.

If you are looking to leverage on anticipated market movements and searching for tools to evade your risks, while simultaneously speculate and earn returns quickly, try derivatives as a dynamic avenue for trading.

Derivatives are a contractual agreement between two parties where the value of services or commodities is offered. Derivatives also thrive on speculation, which is done based on the volatility of the interest rates, currency prices and security.

With Capital Wizard derivatives, you can buy and sell a fixed quantity of assets in the future for a fixed price by developing an agreement between two parties – basically, trade in Futures. Or you can trade in Options, which is also similar to Futures, but it withdraws the obligations that ask to fulfill agreement terms.

With derivatives, the risks will actually be transferred to both the parties, thus minimizing it on you.

Key advantages of Derivative Trading include

1. Low margin amount but higher trading exposure.

2. Hedge your risks by transferring some to another party and safeguard yourself from potential losses. In return, you agree to buy cash segments and sell in derivatives market. Or vice versa.

3. Always garner return irrespective of market position (moving up, moving down or moving sideways).

4. Choose from several options – between conservative and high-risk strategies that are based on the rise and fall of stock prices etc.

We are here to serve all kind of traders, be it a new trader finding information about strategies, futures and options or a refined trader who wants to make most of the opportunities. We have a fully-equipped team and highly dynamic infrastructure that are capable to provide well-researched information and help you make well-timed decisions.

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