Depository Services

Looking for Safe and Convenient Way to Hold Securities? We have the Perfect Security for Your Security

Capital Wizard offers comprehensible depository services, as we are the Depository Partner of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CSDL). We offer a flexible and cost-effective way to handle your securities, including
shares, bonds, dividends, and everything else in electronic format. This allows you to access all documents anytime from anywhere, a privilege physical management limits.

Being one of the leading Depository Participants (DP) in India, with over 20,000 accounts in DP, we have gained the trust of many individuals, clearing members and corporates with their securities.
India’s leading clearing members have entrusted their obligations to us because of our prompt, personalized and highly secured services and solutions.

Why should you have a Demat Account with Capital Wizard?

1. Demat accounts are environment-friendly, i.e. they propose less paper as everything is converted into electronic format. This leads to accurate and timely information retrieval and saving. 

2. Demats are one of the secured and convenient ways of tracking shares.

3. Electronic documentation proves to be time-saving.

4. We offer Demat types that come with quick settlement options.

5. You get 24*7 access to your Demat account, free registration and easy checking of holding balances

6. Highest level of security and no storage risk – dematerialised stocks and shares cannot be stolen from the highly encrypted electronic system.

7. Use our Demat account to trade in Equity, invest in Commodities and Gold ETFs

We Serve Depository Requirements Such as:

1. Dematerialization and Dematerialization of shares and commodities 

2. Transfer and Pledging of shares and commodities

3. Relocation of shares

4. Lending, and Settlement of Warehouse Receipts facility for all exchanges of commodities

5. Recurrent and timely SMS alert through NSDL and CSDL for all account holders for IPO credits, debit transfers, overdue and failed funds, Mutual Funds units credit/debit status, and/or any changes made in client details and account information.