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Capital Wizard have one of the best Demat Services running in the country that has witnessed an ever-growing customer base of more than 35,000 since its inception. We have commendable features that are supported by 10 years of knowledge and practice in the field.

If you haven’t linked your Demat account to your internet banking account, click here and download the registration form.

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Features of Capital Wizard Demat Login Account

1. View transaction statement for a period of 15 days. Various filters are available for transaction view, including Specific Date Range, ISIN, Account Type, Counter Party and Transaction Type.

2. Includes client personal details for easy communication, such as Address, Name, Email, Joint Holder details, Account Type, Bank Account details etc.

3. View status of your transaction by applying various filters from the drop down list.

4. Get informed about the pay-in and pay-out date for a settlement.

5. Get updates on settlement cycle and delivery cycle.

6. Systemised ISIN look up that informs you about face value status of the given ISIN.

7. Get details of any bill and financial transactions pertaining to your demat account, such as bills, payments, waivers etc.

8. You can call now on our 24*7 dedicated customer support centre for any account related queries.

9. Transfer and pledge securities online via e-instructions

10. Receive mobile alerts and notifications for all debit and credit request.

11. Facilitates conversion of physical share certificates into electronic balances and vice- versa.