Commodities Help You Diversify Your Portfolio to Evade Risk

Since the inception of commodity derivatives, we have seen a rise in participation in commodity segment. Capital Wizard commodity trading brings you a houseful of different investment options, besides the traditional ones.

Including commodities to your existing portfolio will help you increase returns and lower risks as commodities do not have (or very little if at all) correlation with other asset classes.

Capital Wizard offers 20 exchanges of commodities across the country, which are definite and region focused. However, the Government has approved for setting up national level commodity exchanges to make the market for trading flexible, transparent and effective.

Some of the salient benefits of commodities trading include:

1. Offers medium-term investment options for investors and serves as a less volatile choice for traders.

2. Traders get an exposure to global markets and commodities with trackable patterns by season.

3. Commodities have assured demand, which allows us to hedge against price fluctuations and control cost. Also, commodities provide lock-in prices as well.

4. Commodities have higher leverage and cleaner technical patterns compared to equity. Both prove beneficial for speculators. The transaction cost is also low.

5. Commodities offer structured opportunities.

Capital Wizard strives to provide value to our investors and traders with the best kind of services. That is why we give you options to trade across several commodities in MCX, NCDEX and NMCE. We also offer customized solutions, such as exposure up to 4 times of available funds and real-time fund transfer facility.